The Witcher is growing on me. Here is a tip against one of the trophy critters (Archespore).

I finally am getting around to playing The Witcher and the game is steadily growing on me. It isn’t perfect, but some of it is so well done that you are forgiving of the occasional flaw.

Here is a tip for new players: You will face a tough enemy in the swamp in Chapter II called an Archespore. It is a trophy creature and completes a quest. Here is how to beat it without putting yourself at undue risk. Once you get the fire spell, put lots of points into it. Get to where you can power-up and strike from a distance. Once you get “Incinerate”, then you can launch fireballs at the Archespore from a safe distance (outside its own ranged attack) and watch it become barbecued veggies. You can use this same tactic on the other attacking fixed-location plants (the Echinops). The fireball spell (Igni sign) will become a friend for other tough fights, but it will save your life against the Archespore.


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2 Responses to “The Witcher is growing on me. Here is a tip against one of the trophy critters (Archespore).”

  1. Jani Haavisto Says:

    The trophy critter is called coccadium, as it is a boss archespore creature… There is only on boss = coccadium, but you can find archespores during the night on the swamp. Btw swallow + tawny owl (with the hp rege ability), you can quite easily beat the archespore boss even on close range.

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