Vote up or down on the health care bill.

The “deem and pass” idea being floated in DC looks to anyone who has read the U.S. Constitution to be a clear violation of what is required to legally pass a bill into law. It opens a can of fire ants that the Democrats may find hard to contain afterward. It may do more damage than just voting the senate bill up or down and going through the regular process. What will they do if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns their handiwork later? Again, anyone who bothers to read the U.S. Constitution can see how this is NOT how this is to be done. If they don’t have the votes to move the bill without resorting to tricks, gimmicks, fiscal note faking, vote-buying, shortcuts, process work-around, and skirting the U.S. Constitution — then maybe they better work on that bill a bit more. If it takes this much to drag it over the finish line, maybe that should tell them something. It is a fact of life that bad processes lead to bad outcomes and the ugliness of the process if on full display here.

I have worked in and around the legislative process for more than 20 years in my real world life. This is simply not how to do the people’s business. President Obama and Speaker Pelosi might want this with all their hearts, but this is cheating to win. And, as life teaches us, victories won by cheating tend to be short-lived.


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