Gamers should not have to edit .ini files to get their games to work.

Last night I had to hunt the Internet to try to find a fix for a Fallout 3 freeze issue on building interiors. I finally found something that seems to work on a user forum, but it required manual editing of the game’s .ini file.

I got to thinking later: Why do we PC Gamers accept game bugs that require us to manually edit the game’s .ini files to play the game we spent our hard-earned money on?

If a game is buggy, then I expect the fix to be a patch or hotfix that makes the changes needed. It shouldn’t be something that the buyers of the game are expected to do themselves. There are times I would nominate the PC Gaming industry for the absolute worst customer service model in existence. Name any other industry where you are expected to find you own solutions to problems much of the time, rely upon other users of the product as a primary source of information on how to get it to work, and then have to manually edit game files to get these products to function. Best of all, if the product is defective, there are high barriers to getting your money back.

As I have said before, I am a bit tired of being an unpaid beta tester for various game companies. If I drop $50 on a AAA title, I expect it to work. Period. I want to play the game, not be spending my evenings trying to get it operate.


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