Installing nForce RAID drivers in a Windows XP install

I am rebuilding a Abit K8N SLI system I picked up for dirt and wanted to have two spare drives in a striped RAID array. Windows XP asks for RAID drivers as part of the install (hit F6, then S later on). I had them downloaded drivers from Abit and copied them to a floppy. However, no matter which of the four available drivers on the disk I tried to install — XP could not find my drives later to install Windows.

It took some hunting, but I discovered that you must install two drivers off the disk: one for the RAID and one for the nForce Controller. The options are to have SATA only RAID or SATA+PATA. I went for the latter choice and installed both drivers. The install then found my RAID drives and seems happy enough.

This is different than other RAID systems I have worked on, which typically only wanted one driver.

One plus: Windows 7 64 bit also seemed to come with the RAID drivers installed for three rebuilt systems where I upgraded operating systems. It found the RAID drives just fine during the installation without me loading any additional drivers.


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