Lady Gaga is a no-talent hack (my views in 2010, but maybe she got better in 2015)

There, I said it! The thought that she is up for a Grammy is an insult to every real singer in the history of music. Is “Poker Face” really the best we can do in the song-writing craft these days?

UPDATE: OK, now five years later I see her trying to redeem herself by singing real songs with real singers. Better still, she seems to be doing it well. So, to be fair, I want to link to a recent review of a show she did with Tony Bennett:

Hey, if she is moving from trash to treasures, that deserves encouragement.


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9 Responses to “Lady Gaga is a no-talent hack (my views in 2010, but maybe she got better in 2015)”

  1. Qwazi Says:

    AGREED! Who is this ugly no-talent hack? She appeared out of no where and I hope she disappears just as fast. I’ve seen and heard nothing that resembles originality or talent.


  2. jamesacooley Says:

    Hopefully she has hired wise investment managers and is level-headed enough to know that she is a fad. Maybe she is also smart enough to milk her 15 minutes of fame into a lifetime of comfortable living when the fickle public moves onto another pop star.

    If so, the joke will be on everyone else.

    I also find I don’t fault her as much anymore for peddling junk music. Sadly, it is what sells. When junk like “My Humps” by the Black-eyed Peas” is hailed as art, then why not warble something like “Poker Face” and wear crazy outfits. It beats most other jobs on the work/pay ratio.

    Yes, she is still an untalented hack in my eyes (and especially my ears). But, where is the universal savaging from the music critics? Instead of condemning this assault on musical taste, she is bestowed a Grammy nomination by PEOPLE WHO SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER!

  3. jaydee Says:

    Not only does she have no talent but as John Candy said in ‘Brewster’s Millions’–“She’s an ugly b***h.”

  4. GagaIsGagly Says:


    Lady Gaga is simply UGLY !!!

    I’ve stated what everybody else has been
    thinking for years (and you know it’s true).

    She looks like a combination of BOTH
    Courtney Love (who everyone knows
    had Curt Cobain killed) AND like that
    ugly little kid who was the star of that
    moronic one show called ‘Blossom’.

    Why won’t they all just get a nose job
    and have their jaw/chins fixed already?

    Just because they are rich does not
    mean that they also have a right to
    go around traumatizing society
    with their unattractive faces.

    How dare they?!?!

    Why can’t they all just do
    society a favor and call a
    plastic surgeon already?

    And as things stand so far
    …. ‘Dude looks like
    a Lady…Gaga’
    (except the dude
    is much prettier)


  5. ufo Says:

    is it mediacrazy or mediocricy
    maybe it’s payola or subtle propaganda to brainwash people with trash.

  6. Linda Says:

    I agree, she is an ugly no talent hack. So is Madonna. Their video performances are nothing but porno-cheerleader-electro-pop trash. Come to think of it, so is most of the stuff (by female singers) coming out of the mainstream music industry. As bad as lady gaga is, she’ll probly be around for a long time to come as she’s supplying the degraded slutty bad influence on little girls that the establishment loves to promote. The media tells the masses who is “talented” and “popular” and most people believe it and go out and buy their music based on that alone. Those who posted above are exceptions to the rule and should count themselves lucky for having the ability to see through the BS.

  7. jamesacooley Says:

    I do ask people to drop “ugly” from the assessment of her lack of talent. If Lady Gaga was drop-dead gorgeous, she would still lack talent. On the other hand, I can name several performers who lacked in the looks department, but had talent to spare.

  8. jamesacooley Says:

    For contrast, I just went to an exceptionally moving and musically wonderful show by Glen Campbell on his “Goodbye” tour. His final album, Ghost on the Canvas, is stunning and brings tears to my eyes. Can anyone imagine a crowded venue to hear a 75 year-old Lady Gaga? Will she still be making great albums five decades from now? Not likely.

  9. emil Says:

    gaga’s no talent. money advises money dubbers dressers writers scenists managers trainers real singers arrangers sold out artists performers clowns,
    but many have more talent than gaga

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