Bioware channels GFWL in HORRIBLE system for getting DLC

I have just returned from another exercise in frustration caused by trying to buy a piece of add-on content for a game. This time it is Bioware that has erected multiple hurdles to what should be a simple transaction. Let’s see, to buy Dragon Age extra content I have to (a) create an account on their BETA social network site with a username and password, (b) enter the password again when I try to buy the DLC, (c) buy points instead of just paying cash, (d) not be able to buy points in quanities that match the amount of the DLC I am buying or (e) be able to buy enough points at once to buy it all at once, so I have to come back and buy more points.

Of course, I am also going through the site locking me out when it decides that my password (which I wrote down) is no longer good. It was the EXACT SAME PASSWORD I used one minute earlier to log into the site, but now it is not sufficient to let me go to the checkout. No DLC for you!

Did Bioware hire someone from Microsoft Games for Windows Live to create this mess?

Hey, I just want to buy a stupid piece of add-on game software. I don’t want to go through a multi-step process to do it. Take me to a place where the software is for sale (without having to create an account), give me a price in DOLLARS and a standard online checkout, and then let me get back to playing the silly game.

Once again, I bet I could search on Google and find dozens of pirateware torrent sites that would be happy to let me download the full game, the extra content, and everything else for free. But, being honest, I pay for my games. Or, I would do so — if Bioware’s $@$# website would let me in to hand them the cash!


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