Stuff that doesn’t like Windows 7 64 bit

I have played with it for a few days now and have discovered some software from my old Vista 32 bit machine that will not work with Win7/64.

Adobe Flash: It won’t work with the 64 bit version of Internet Explorer 8. An update is reportedly in the works. This one kind of surprised me. The workaround is to launch the 32 bit version of Explorer for sites that use Flash (or just use it all the time).

The versions I had of Registry Fix, O&O CleverCache, and O&O Safe Erase also were not compatibility with Win7/64. Some of them have version that are compatible out now.

Steam seems to be working well most of the time, though I do NOT recommend using the standard methods of cutting-and-pasting your SteamApps folder over into the new install. It seems to not work consistently and may create an issue where Steam launches and then shuts down. Do a clean install of Steam from a fresh download and then have it download and reinstall the games.

Steam had a strange glitch where various desktop icons for the games were not located and placeholders were used instead. I pointed them to the correct icons and this is fixed. However, when Steam is running, it shows the taskbar icon for Fallout 3. If I try to change it to the one for Steam, it changes my desktop Fallout 3 icon to the one used for Steam. Strange…

Once in a while my Fallout 3 launcher pops up with no text displayed on the desktop panel. It typically is the first launch after a reboot. However, it has always worked fine the next attempt, so I haven’t fretted it about it much (yet).

I like the power savings features, but note that the machine will NOT detect operations like Steam file downloads, ongoing defragment activities, etc., and will go into deep sleep mode. So, if you tell a huge game file to download when you go to bed, you may find little progress made by morning. The workaround is to turn of the sleep mode in the power settings when you have operations to run when you are away from the machine. Turn it back on when you are done. It is a nice power-saving feature and is the most bug-free version I have yet encountered.

I will post more as I find them. One thing I would like to find is a way to get bug reports to Microsoft. They need to add a driver that Asus motherboards need to the standard Windows 7 driver package, as I ended up with an “unknown device” error and discovered that it is pretty common with multiple motherboards from various vendors impacted. The driver file is a tiny 5.5 KB, so surely they can find room to squeeze it in.


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