Beware of software vendors why try to set up purpetual payments

I decided to try RegCure for registry cleaning and payed for it with PayPal. PayPal then sent me a note that I had also just set up to make repeating payments each year for infinity.

OK, the product apparently has a license for a year — but that does NOT mean that the average user will conclude that they are setting up to automatically have money taken out of their account for eternity to keep it licensed.

I have other software that has licenses that expire and they remind me to renew. While some fine print somewhere may have told me that RegCure wanted to tap my account automatically for these renewals, I didn’t see it — and shouldn’t have to pore over documents to look for it. It is sneaky and they shouldn’t do it. Period.

I also believe that another vendor of a software utility program did the same thing, as I got a strange notice a few months back that my payment to them for some software had not gone through on an account I had closed. I told them I hadn’t ordered the software, but now wonder if my original purchase of an earlier version created a renewal a year later that was trying to debit my account.

So, watch for vendors who try to set up automatic license renewals that attempt to debit your funds. If I want to renew, I will renew. Don’t assume that I plan on giving you money forever. Hey, I might decide your software is junk and have deleted it off my system long before then.

So, buyer beware.


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