Mass Effect: Bring down the Sky DLC won’t install fix

There is a problem getting the DLC for Mass Effect to install with Windows 7 64 bit. It locks up at the point where you enter the key code for the DLC. I found a fix here:

Originally Posted by Lord Yod
Found a solution to the problem on the Bioware forum. Run the BDtS installer as administrator, but when it pops up the screen asking for your license key, open the task manager and kill that process. The installer will then open a new screen ‘verifying license files’ and after a few seconds will pop up a second window asking for your license. Put in your serial here and hit done, and it will install. Success!

So, on top of the horrible hassles on faces in locating and installing this piece of DLC that I blogged about already, we now get buggy install programs that won’t let you install it at all unless you run multi-step work-arounds.

Bioware, please FIX THIS!!!


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2 Responses to “Mass Effect: Bring down the Sky DLC won’t install fix”

  1. Sarah Says:

    You just earned about 24 Paragon points.

  2. Mikey Says:

    I just read a very long scary description of how to go and mess about with your registry to get this to work… didn’t really fancy doing that so kept looking and found this. Installing as we speak 😀 Thanks a lot!

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