3D Mark Vantage scores on the new ATI 5979 home-built gaming rig. WOW! I am in love!

I got a CPU rating of 17,888 and a GPU of 21,409; the 3D Mark was 20,306, with nothing over-clocked on a 24″ monitor. This blew away by a mile the scores for my old rig.

This is on an i7 920 rig with an Asus P6T v2 motherboard, a blazingly fast HIS brand ATI 5970, six GBs of Corsair XMS 1600 speed RAM, and two 1TB Western Digital 24/7 certified hard-drives in a striped RAID array. A 1200 watt Thermaltake supplies the juice to power all this stuff (and anything else I want to add later).

The operating system is Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. The sound card (not used in the benchmark) is a Creative Fatality X-FI Titanium.

Believe the hype: the new ATI 5970 cards just churn through game graphics like nothing I have ever seen. WOW! Fallout 3 has never looked so good and ran rock-solid stable last night for better than two hours with everything set as high as it could go.

If you have the bucks to spend on your dream rig, consider the ATI 5970. It is expensive, but it simply leaves everything else in the dust when it comes to generating detailed frames of video. It has no peers on the high-end market.


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