Windows 7 start menu is Microsoft being evil

I have been playing with Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate and am finding much to like.

However, for all the good MS did by LISTENING TO THEIR USERS who loathed Vista, they have screwed up by forcing us to use their new default start menu.

I am one of the folks who liked the clean classic start menu from Windows 95. I haven’t seen anything that the following versions of Windows did that worked better, so I always went back to the classic start menu using the option to do so found in both XP and Vista.

Windows 7 takes that option away and tries to force us to use what I regard as a bloated and butt-ugly start menu. It takes up too much desktop real estate and has some stuff too big and other things way too small. It also just has too much stuff for my minimalist tastes.

Apparently I am not alone in my distaste for the replacement start menu and my disdain for MS in telling me I must use it or lump it. I found protests all over when I Googled “Restore classic start menu Windows 7”.

Well, guess what? The Internet is full of little utility programs to give us all back our beloved classic start menu. Some add extra features and charge a little, while others are freeware. I tried on that was a bit too beta for my tastes, another that wanted too much for a fancier version, and then found a piece of freeware that gave me back what MS tried to take away.

Hey MS, why argue with your customers? Why should you get your knickers in a twist if lots of folks still like the good ol’ classic start menu? What you should worry about is that we keep plunking down bucks to buy your OS.


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