Totally useless feature of the day: Asus Express Gate SSD

This silly utility that comes with your Asus P6T v2 motherboard pops up a splash screen during your bootup. It allows you to do some stuff like access Skype or play some games and stuff like this.

Question: Uh, Asus, why do I want to interrupt my boot sequence to use a gimped version of my computer’s functionality? Answer: I don’t! Nor can I imagine that very many other people will find this anything of practical use.

Fortunately it is easy to disable in the BIOS. I would rather see the time spent on it devoted to trying to design a motherboard that will actually work well with dual big video cards and still leave room for a sound card.


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2 Responses to “Totally useless feature of the day: Asus Express Gate SSD”

  1. Stavros Dimopoulos Says:

    It’s not useless.

    I like to use it for e-banking transactions. It’s more secure than any other operating system because Express Gate SSD is read only, it is not possible to install a virus or trojan on it.

    ASUS Exress Gate SSD is a custom version of splashtop OS ( ).

    Some usefull info if you want to customize it is available here

    • jamesacooley Says:

      If you have uses for it, more power to you. For me, all I care about is how fast I can get booted into Windows 7 and use all the programs I need. I do appreciate the links in case others wish to try them.

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