Antec 902 case build

I just moved several core components from my desktop into an Antec 902 mid-tower gaming case. If you haven’t worked with one before, they are nice to play around with. I especially like the front removable hard drive enclosures. The slots by the motherboard tray to allow snaking cabled around the back also are nice. It is another fine case from Antec, whose various cases I have used for several years.

The only knock against it is that it doesn’t have the cavernous room inside of my Cooler Master 830 Stacker, but what case does? It is the stacker that will see my next build using an ATI 5970 video card — and it will need all that space to hold that HUGE card!

A good case can make a computer build a lot more fun, while a bad one can make it a finger-nicking exercise in frustration. Don’t scrimp on your cases, or you will surely come to regret it later. Besides, a good case with superior cooling will help you run those high-dollar parts inside under a much heavier load.


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