Nintendo get kudos on customer service

Sadly, mediocre tech support is common these days. Given that sad state of reality, good experiences should be highlighted. Nintendo and the Wii team are about to get some love after a positive support incident.

I bought a Wii for my grand-kids from a fellow he had it as a gift, but already owned one. The box was unopened and the price was good. However, while the Wii worked perfectly, the Wii Sports game disk did not. It crashed every time we tried to run it.

I called Wii tech support and experienced a fairly-easy to follow phone tree to get on hold for a techie. The hold time was short and the person I spoke with was both friendly and came off as knowledgeable. We tried a few common-sense things and concluded that the disk was defective. She approved the RMA and went through step-by-step how to ship the product back on Nintendo’s FedEx Account for a replacement.

No hassles. No run around. Wow!

I noted to the lady that I had already spent almost as much on games and accessories for the Wii as I had on the original system. My positive treatment was a factor in buying two more controllers the next day and deciding the Wii was going to be the main gaming console for the house.

Again, when mediocrity in tech support seems the norm these days, somebody getting it right deserves a back pat.



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