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Fallout 3: Guiltless negative karma generating trick

August 24, 2009

Let’s say it is early in the game and you want a companion to help defend your low-level character and haul heavy loot. Jericho is in Megaton and will join you for a reasonable $1,000, but he won’t work with a goodie two-shoes. You have to be a bit on the evil side to interest him in a partnership.

Yet, what if you are just a positive karma kind of person? How do you get just evil enough to hire Jericho without having your character commit acts that pose moral conflicts?

Simple: Pranking with Dukov! Just go to Dukov’s place and either use a lot of sneaky stealth play and/or a stealth boy to to grab EVERYTHING. You take a small hit to your karma with each theft. Keep an eye on your character’s karma ranking and stop pocketing when it tips to evil.

Then, simply go to the liquor cabinet and unload it all. This turns your act of mass theft into a harmless prank on an NPC.

You got the bad karma and Dukov didn’t actually lose a single empty whiskey bottle. If anything, you cleaned up his pig-pen bachelor pad, which likely will please his two party girls.

You can also stash stuff in Dukov’s desks and cabinets that are “owned” and it appears you can get a karma lowering for stealing them back and forth. Take it, put it back, take it again.

Once you have a “touch of evil”, go hire Jericho and then start the road to redemption. Give the water beggars purified water to gain lots of good karma quickly.

Then get used to listening to Jericho gripe about how he has signed up with Santa Claus and how you used to be such a bad-ass.

I had a full set of Enclave Power Armor and a flamethrower for Jericho saved up before I hired him. With these two items he has good chances of survival with most enemies. Give him med packs, as he will use them. Don’t give him anything that explodes (grenades or rocket launchers), as his aim is TERRIBLE.

NOTE: You can steal and return items from other NPCs, but Dukov simply has so much stuff in one small area that you can turn your karma from good to evil in one stop.


Fallout 3: How about less DLC and more stability

August 20, 2009

I love Fallout 3, but hate its lack of stability. Sadly, it still crashes with alarming regularity after both developer patching and the latest drivers for all my PCs devices.

Bethesda Softworks has released multiple pieces of downloadable content (DLC) for the game since its release. As a fan, I would have happily traded away the latest DLC, Mothership Zeta (not really very good), for a patch that actually fixed the game’s longstanding and rather well-known crash problems. Nothing ruins the immersion in a game like having it freeze or crash to desktop. This is especially true if you have just finished a tough fight. Crash! Now go reload and do it all over again…