Thoughts on my Isuzu I-280 (a couple of design flaws)

I bought one when they first came out and hope they have since fixed a couple of silly design flaws in an otherwise decent vehicle.

First, on the model without electric locks, there was no key slot on the passenger side. This stunk if you were trying to be polite and open the passenger door first, especially if you were the chivalrous type and it was raining on your wife. It also made it a nightmare if you ended up with a vehicle parked too close to you on the driver side to open the door enough to get in. This was a seriously silly piece of planning, as some of us still don’t want electric locks (or windows) on our vehicles (they break and add costs).

Next, the extended cab area has two small seats fold-down that are actually quite useful. But, a decision was made to put the seatbelt latch practically UNDER the level of the seat in a small area. Then, to really make it fun, it was not mounted on some sort of stem or stiff sheath to make it stand up to where you could plug in the belt.

I struggled again today when attempting to fit the belt over my granddaughter in a booster seat. I could only work with one hand, which would not fit into the small space beside the seat. The latch kept falling under the seat and I kept trying to stifle really bad words in front of a seven year-old.

Did anyone from Isuzu ever try to latch this thing, especially with a child passenger? A few cents worth of plastic sheathing would hold the latch in place and enable a person to plug in the belt easily.

Again, I hope this was fixed in later versions.



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