Sega Genesis tech tip

My grandson is getting heavily into classic console gaming lately and we have bought some used gaming systems and games. One of the purchases was a Sega Genesis 3 console with a boxful of 24 games.

The problem we found was that the vast majority of the games wouldn’t work. Or, some would work one time and then they wouldn’t afterwards. Not knowing what to do, I contacted the console gaming gurus at Game Over here in Austin. They said that the Sega Genesis game cartridges were notorious for getting crud built up on the contacts. Their experience was that 95 percent of the technical difficulties with Sega Genesis games could be resolved with cleaning the contacts. We bought some 91 percent Isopropryl Alcohol and grabbed a pile of Q-tips and went to work. The results: every single cartridge that was cleaned thoroughly started to play. Some took as many as half-a-dozen wipes of the contacts before the games loaded, but it eventually got every one of them to play.

Game Over told me that this wiping down of the cartridge contacts also helps clean the slot where the games go in the console. They noted this trick can be used on any console game, but that the Sega Genesis games were the ones where it produced the most benefit.

So, if you decide to try classic console gaming and pop for a Sega Genesis and some used games, make sure you have Q-tips and alcohol available before you try to play them. Otherwise you may think you have a defective console or games when all they need is a wiping with an alcohol-dipped Q-tip.

The nice folks at Game Over can be found at:

Apparently classic console games are enjoying an upsurge in popularity. The used console gaming systems are cheaper, there are hundreds of quality games in some of the platforms, and the games themselves can be found inexpensively on Craigslist here in Austin, at used games stores, or at garage sales and the like. Some of the top titles are a bit pricey, but that is because they are classics of the genre and highly sought by knowledgeable gamers.



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  4. TheSegaDude Says:

    You know I just recently bought a 2nd copy of a game because I thought it was not working. I’ll try cleaning the contacts and give it another go. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this.
    Thanks for the tip!

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