O&O Software tech support gets kudos

I compare at this time customer support disaster that is Microsoft Games for Windows Live (MS GFWL) with an experience I just had with O&O Software. I used their Defrag Pro 10 for some time and went to upgrade to version 11. I bought the new version as part of a suite with three other utility programs (it was on sale) — but had three out of four programs in the suite go BSOD with a BAD_POOL_ERROR as soon as they were installed.

I emailed O&O (a German company) and told of my woes. They got with me by email the next day and asked for various log files to be sent back in my reply. I did so and they replied back a day later that the culprit appeared to be a conflict with a PC TOOLS anti-spyware program (Version 6).

I uninstalled the PC TOOLS program and then reinstalled all of the other programs from O&O, which now all appear to be running just fine.

One of the reasons this went so well is that O&O includes both a link to their tech support website and an email address to contact tech support with their receipt for purchase. They make it EASY to get in touch with them if there is a problem.

My positive experience with O&O leads me favorable predisposed to try other utility programs they offer. They have a lot they could teach MS GFWL.



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