Problem with Radeon 9700 card and newer drivers

I recently was restoring an older machine with an ATI Radeon 9700 card in it. I noted that the mouse cursor was turning into a 1/2″ rectangle made up of fine black lines whenever it went over a text block on a web page or on the blank spots of a Word document. After much trouble-shooting, I discovered that it did it with the stock 9700 drivers from the Windows update site and all version of the drivers available from either ATI or the various driver archives I found. The only drivers that didn’t produce the glitch were the ones that came on the factory CD (the version dated to 2002!). Strange…

I post this in case anyone else has experienced the same weirdness. One fix is to install the original factory drivers. If you don’t have them, I saved copies before I gave the machine back to my kid. I need to retain them in case they lose the original disk.

It didn’t do this before when it was running newer version of the drivers, so I have to wonder if one of the newer XP service packs or other change since the last install introduced the glitch when used with driver versions of Catalyst 2.5 or above. It did it when I stuck on SP 2, so that might be the culprit.



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