Michael Martin Murphey at the Saxon Pub in South Austin

The venue is a venerable music bar on South Lamar. Michael’s band consisted of his fiddle player David Coe (doubled on mandolin), long-time bass player Gary Roller (stand-up and electric), and acoustic guitarist master Pat Flynn ( also plays mandolin). I took my wife (a HUGE fan) and we ended up sitting right at the stage, literally less than eight feet from Michael. We had seen him recently with his full band at a much larger venue, but the intimate setting really made it special.

He hit new material from his new county bluegrass CD (Buckaroo Blue Grass) and crowd favorites like “Carolina in the Pines” and “Wildfire”. He closed out the show with a rousing version of Marty Robbins’ “Big Iron”.

My wife picked up an autographed CD afterward and got to visit a little. She told of having a vinyl copy of Blue Sky, Night Thunder as a college student in the mid 1970’s. She had it when I met her in 1978 and she still has it, too!

I am probably fortunate that she has never had to choose between her album collection or her husband.

What is amazing is that Michael Martin Murphey has been doing this since the 1960’s, yet his voice sounds just like it did early in his career. His bands both times I have seen him were simply amazing players.

If you ever get a chance to see Michael Martin Murphey, do yourself a favor and get tickets. Better yet, take your family along because he plays all-ages shows. He is truly one-of-a-kind and his longevity in the music business is well earned.

His website is at: http://www.michaelmartinmurphey.com/

The club is at: http://www.thesaxonpub.com/


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