Fallout 3 TIP #8

When you start the game you spend a lot of time with no cash to buy stuff. The answer is to be a dedicated scavenger of the wastes. However, one tip that can help get a few spare goodies in a pinch is to remember that certain types of containers will respawn items. The best part: while the items respawn, the enemies inside a building (as a general rule) do not do so.

Containers that respawn items include metal boxes, desks, and filing cabinets.

Containers that don’t respawn include toolboxes, soda vending nachines, and fire hose boxes.

You can take advantage of these containers that don’t respawn as storage containers. Let’s say you are cleaning out an area and hitting your load limits. Just put the extra stuff in a fire hose box or toolbox. Then come back for it later. Just don’t leave it in a container that will respawn items.

You can also leave things on the ground inside buildings, but it is qucker to gather it back up again in you put it iside a container.

Also, to find more loot, remember that the game’s designers sometime put the good stuff in wooden crates, hide it under pots, or even set it on top of a lighting fixture (a mini nuke is hidden on top of one at a power substation). Take your time and look for stuff. Pull crates off shelvesYou may find things you missed the first time when you go through an area again.

One handly location to use to get few bucks via respawning items is Springdale School. It has a number of containers inside that may respawn and there are three raiders outside the building on one end of the school who will also respawn. They are an easy fight and are always good for some armor and weapons to sell.

You can always simply “wait” the few days it may take them to repawn inside Megaton and then go harvest them. There are other raider camps close to Megaton that also respawn enemies that can be good for items to sell after the killing is over.

One tip to carry more loot is to get good at repairing items early in the game. Then repair armor and weapons to reduce the weight in your inventory and to boost the value of the items when you sell them.


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