Fallout 3 TIP #7

Once you get to Megaton, get the mission to defuse the bomb from the sheriff. While doing this task, stand in the pool of water and drink some until you are radiated to the greatest degree possible shy of death.

Then go see Moira Brown at the supply store. Get the Wasteland Survival Guide mission and choose as your first mission to get radiated. Then, just tell her you are already so hot you should be glowing. Mission complete. She heals the radiation and you get a beneficial mutation perk that heals damaged limbs if you are thoroughly radiated at the time.

Later Moira will ask you to get inured and to cripple a limb. The safest and quickest way to do this is to use land mines. Either walk over a couple of hostile ones in the Minefield mission or set friendly ones and shoot them with a pistol or rifle while standing within the blast radius.



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