Fallout 3 Tip #6

When you are a newbie, pay special attention to those abandoned vehicles that litter the roads in the wastes. You see, they are highly explosive. They go off like a mini-nuke if they take a certain amount of damage. So, keep in mind where these parked car-bombs are located when enemies with ranged attacks are in sight. Duck behind a vehicle in a firefight and you may end up blown an impressive distance into the sky.

Enemies seems to have enough targeting smarts to aim at vehicles near you. So, return the favor. A group of land mines set around a vehicle makes a dandy trap if you see enemies approaching. A tossed grenade into a parking lot may clear out a group of raiders.

Be very careful in circumstances where you are overloaded and can’t run. If you are near a car, stay outside the blast radius as you go by.

The strategic use of vehicles-that-go-boom is one way to counter those tough Talon Company guys who are looking for you. At the start of the game, you are hard-pressed to hurt them and their weapons do a lot of hurting to you. So, weaken them by firing on a vehicle until it blows up right as they pass by.

Just be careful that they don’t chased you towards a parked vehicle as you are back-peddling. I had such an encounter and fortunately heard the sounds of bullets hitting metal behind my back. I managed to run sideways as a fireball lit up the sky behind me. It peeled away a lot of health, but I survived.

On a side note, it is also easy to get killed while back-peddling in the hilly parts of the wastes or on overpasses. You can take falling damage. One feels silly after killing a series of tough critters while running backwards only to fall off a cliff. Oops…



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