Fallout 3 Tip #5

Fallout 3 offers a plethora of “perks” that can increase various character skills, add dialog options, or provide other benefits. Some perks are more valuable than others and some are not worth the bother.

Some may be useful or useless depending upon how you plan to develop your character (good or evil, melee or ranged weapons, etc.).

Here are the ones that I found most useful after 300+ hours in the game.

In general, get Strong Back at Level 8 to be able to carry more stuff. The extra 40 pounds of weight tolerance really adds up when you are hauling loot.

Get both perks that increase your ability to generate additional skill points as soon as possible. Comprehension doubles the skill points you get for reading a skill book, while Educated adds three additional points each time you level-up. These two add a ton of points to your late-game totals. Get them as early as you can. Also, stash the skill books you collect early in the game until you get Comprehension.

I also found Entomologist to be useful, as you fight scores of Giant Radroaches later in the game and the +50 damage saves a lot of ammo.

I grabbed Black Widow/Lady Killer right away, as it does at +10 damage when fighting foes of the opposite sex and sometimes the extra dialog choices are useful.

Gun Nut is a no-brainer, especially early in the game. Most of the weapons you find are small guns and they have more ammo lying around. The added repair skills ups the damage you inflict with weapons, toughens your armor, and makes the weapons and armor you barter worth more.

Toughness adds +10 percent to your damage resistance. It can be a lifesaver in tough fights.

Finesse increases your chances of scoring a critical hit and I found it very useful.

Pyromaniac makes you a killer with the Shishkabob improvised weapon, while Robotics Expert provides +25 damage to fights with robots. This can save your skin when you start running into those tough Sentry Bots later in the game.

Cyborg also makes you tougher and ups your energy weapons skills. I liked it.

Lawbringer lets you collect bounties for every evil character you kill. Since evil characters abound in the wastelands, the loot adds up quickly.

Better Criticals adds +50 percent damage to any critical hits you score. Be aware that you must have both a Perception and Luck of 6 each to get it.

Life Giver was good for an extra 30 health points, which is useful for characters playing in Ironman Mode (you die, you start over).

Some I had no use for: Here and now gets you an immediate level-up, but so what. You will hit the Level 20 cap too fast anyway, so why rush it. Swift Learner also added a 10 percent bonus to any experience points you gained. Again, you get points fast enough and hit the level cap long before you finish the main quest. Why hurry it up?

I found no use for Fortune Finder or Scrounger. One lets you find more caps and the other more ammo. Late in the game you will be overflowing with loot and ammo anyway, so don’t waste the perks picks.

Daddy’s Boy/Girl is useful, as it bumps both Science and Medicine 5 points each. I like to max out science, repair, and lock-picking early in the game. Getting Thief can add to the lockpick skills.

I found grenades and mines to be my saviors against tough enemies early in the game (like Talon Company mercs). For this reason, I grabbed Demolition for the +20 percent damage increase of things that go boom.

These are the ones I chose. I am more of a sniper and less of a melee character, but if you want to smack things, then get perks that boost melee damage and hand-to-hand skills.

Be aware that certain perks require various SPECIAL attributes beforehand, so plan accordingly. If you want a certain perk, but need to boost an attribute, try to get the appropriate Bobblehead. For example, you can get the Strength Bobblehead in Lucas’ Simms’ house in Megaton right after you leave the vault at the start of the game

Also, The quest Those in Greyditch offers a chance to get a permanent boost to either Strength or Perception, so you can use it to obtain the attribute point you may need to access a certain perk, like Strong Back.



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