Fallout 3 Tip #4

When playing as a low-level character, your first ventures into the wastes can be challenging. A tip: hook up with an escort. You can travel with a trader caravan or tag along with Brotherhood Outcast patrols. The advantage is they have better weapons and armor than you do early in the game. The downside is that the traders may take damage in the firefights or even get killed off. You really need these traders to stay alive to sell you goodies throughout the game.

Just stay with the “escort” until you get close to your destination. If you encounter hostiles after you leave their company, lead them back to your escorts for help in the firefight. Brotherhood Outcasts are particularly good escorts, as they have good armor and weaponry.

It appears that NPCs like traders can be targeted and damaged by foes when they are within a certain radius of the player (likely the distance you can see them from) and you are not “waiting”. I would interact with the NPC, such as a trader, and then “wait” an hour or two to let them safely travel out of my “active zone”. This seemed to help keep them out of random encounters where they could get killed off.



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