Video Games Live rocked!

If you haven’t ever seen it, just go the next time they are in town. The music is sublime! You haven’t ever really heard this music until you hear it with an orchestra and choir. Toss in the light show, costumes, game footage, bubbles machines (yes, they even had that) and it is a fun evening. Best of all, it is an all ages show. I saw a lot of families with kids there.

One of the new additions was the haunting music from Bioshock. They also had a guitar duet with Jack Wall and Tommy Tallarico featuring music from Chrono Trigger. The encore was music from all three Halo games.

I especially enjoyed the opening theme (Coronation) and Baba Yetu from Civilization IV. Baba Yetu is not easy to sing for a female, but their soloist, Cindy Shapiro, could handle those low notes with skill.

Jack Wall’s 12 year-old daughter Gracie also took some solo vocal parts during the show and displayed a voice with far more maturity than her youth should allow. This kid can really sing. It will be interesting to see if she makes a career out of music.

One touching moment was Code of Honor using actual footage from WW II from The History Channel. It was really pretty powerful stuff. We play games with war as a background all the time. Seeing the reality of what that war actually meant was sobering.

Big crowd Pleasers were the World of Warcraft and Legend of Zelda segments. They also had a piano soloist, Lee Ann Leung, who brought down the house with her playing of Final Fantasy and Mario themes.

Another high point was the Guitar Hero contest, which involved the finalist from the pre-show competition having to score at least 200,000 point while playing Aerosmith’s “Sweet Emotion” live onstage. Doing so was good for a high-end Dell Laptop. The finalist hit something like 216,000+ points and hit 93 percent of the notes accurately.

Again, if you appreciate video games, go see the show. If you just like great music, go see the show. Another plus: there is always a meet-and-greet after the show where you can visit with the cast. They will stay for hours afterward until the last fan’s poster is autographed.

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